Parent Outreach

One of the most important roles of the Ben-Hem PTO is to ensure that all parents have access to the information they need. Whether it's school dismissal times or finding opportunities for parent involvement throughout the year, the Ben-Hem PTO is here to help.

Get involved in...

Kindergarten Meet & Greets
Each summer, before the new school year begins, the Ben-Hem PTO sponsors a series of Kindergarten Meet & Greets that provide parents with an opportunity to:
  • get their Kindergarteners together to meet other kids in their class
  • meet other parents of Kindergartners (both first time and repeat)
  • talk to members of the PTO to ask questions and learn about opportunities for involvement
Parents and siblings are welcome. Snacks will be provided. The PTO sent out a mailing encouraging students to wear colored shirts according to their classroom.

Bobcat Bulletin
Is sent via email to all Ben-Hem parents through our Google Group. Sign up today to stay informed about volunteer opportunities! Request to become a member of this group. 

Google Parent's Forum
This group is managed by Ben-Hem parent Trudi Lord. The forum allows parents to ask members questions about the school year, float ideas, and connect online. To sign up, click here.

Ask a Bobcat
If you are not a member of the Google Parent's Forum, you can email us a question and we'll find the answer for you. Click here for more information.