Vice Principal vs. Principal
Stop & Shop Sweep
Wednesday, February 26 at 4:00 PM

Official Rules

1. Pick an Assistant: Each contestant must select one person (teacher, staff, or student) to assist them during the competition.  This assistant can help come up with the shopping strategy, keep track of the money spent throughout the competition, and/or push the shopping cart.  The assistant can not pick up any food items and put them in the cart during the competition.  Contestants mush submit the name of their assistant to Krissy Fernandes by Friday, February 14, 2014.

2. Wear Team T-Shirt: Each contestant must submit T-shirt sizes (for themselves and their assistant) to Krissy Fernandes by Friday, February 14, 2014.  Team t-shirts will be delivered to the school by Wednesday, February 25, 2014 and must be worn to the competition.

3. Arrive Early: Contestants must arrive at the Stop & Shop (829 Worcester Street, Natick) by 3:50 PM on Wednesday, February 26, 2014.

4. Get Stuff: Prior to the start of the competition, contestants will receive:
  • Shopping cart
  • Pre-paid Stop & Shop gift card (amount to be announced at the event)
  • Stop & Shop circular
  • Notepad and pencil
  • List of food items to be purchased
5. No Electronic Devices: Contestants can not use any electronic devices during the competition including cell phones, calculators, smart watches, Stop & Shop scanners, etc.

6. Strategize: Each contestant will be given one minute to strategize with their assistant before the competition begins.

7. Start Shopping: Contestants will line up at the Start banner and will begin their shopping when the bell rings.

8. No Running: Contestants can walk at a fast pace, but cannot run in the store.

9. 15 Minutes: Contestants will have 15 minutes to shop.

10. Go to Finish: After a contestant has completed purchasing all of their items, they should return to the Finish banner at the check-out counters.

11. Points: Contestants will be scored as follows:
  • Each contestant starts with 100 points
  • Points will be added to a contestants score as follows:
    • 20 points for the Contestant who crosses the finish line first (if the Contestant who finishes first did not purchase at least one of each item, 20 points will be awarded to their competitor instead)
    • 10 points for each Contestant who uses their Stop & Shop card (registered with the A+ Rewards for Ben-Hem)
    • 20 points for each Contestant who purchases at lease one of each item on the list
    • 20 points for the Contestant who spends the most of their gift card without going over
    • 20 points for the Contestant who purchases the most individual food items
    • 10 points for each Benny Bonus item found (a Benny sticker will be placed on the bottom of several lowest priced items in the store from the food list)
  • Points will be deducted from a contestants score as follows:
    • 10 points for each item not purchased from the list
    • 40 points if the value of the items in a contestants cart exceed the value of their Stop & Shop gift card
12. Bag Your Food: Each contestant is responsible for bagging their own food items.