Teacher Spotlight Sign-up

Sign-up your student to perform a Teacher Spotlight interview by emailing ontheprowl@benhempto.org.  In your email, please provide:
  • Student's Name
  • Preferred Teacher to Interview (Please select more than one in case your top-pick has already been assigned.)
  • Days of the Week & Times (before or after school) Available to Do The Interview
We will work to confirm the availability of the teacher and schedule the interview date/time.

Below is a list of teachers, and which ones have been assigned/interviewed so far.  If your student would like to interview someone not on this list, please let us know.  We will include 3-5 interviews in each monthly edition of the newsletter.  Depending on the number of sign-ups each month, your student may be scheduled for the following month.

Name Position  Assigned / Interviewed?
Andersen, Stacey Teacher  
Gavin, Mary Teacher  
Lichodolik, Jessica Teacher  
Curtis, Bree Teacher  Yes
Worthington, Martha Teacher  
Elliott, Melissa Teacher  
Huse, Allison Teacher  
Krakauer, Kathryn Teacher  Yes
Nemeskal, Christine Teacher  
Simmons, Juli Teacher  Yes
Barbato, Michelle Teacher  
Craig, Ashley Teacher  Yes
Goldwait (Balben), Mary Grace Teacher  
Letovsky, Sharon Teacher  
McShane, Vicky Teacher  
Wraight, Kate Teacher  
Dahlheimer, Sarah Teacher  Yes
Hayes, Lisa Teacher  Yes
Holt, Jacquelyn Teacher  
LaPlante, Nina Teacher  Yes
Silverberg, Lee Teacher  Yes
Briones, Lisa Teacher  
Fair, Cate Teacher  
Foster, Joanne Teacher  
Kern (Ewick), Lindsay Teacher  
Krauss, Meghan Teacher  
O'Brien, Cate Teacher  Yes
Critchlow, Kelly Teacher  
Killorin, Jackie Teacher  
Kruszewska, Carloline Teacher  
Marzullo, Kimberly Teacher  
Moores, Lauren Teacher  
Muller, Laura Teacher  
Carr, Heather Teacher  
MacIsaac, Kathleen Teacher  
Marquis (Carroll), Catherine Teacher  
Langan, Leigh Ann Librarian  
Roper, Tim Teacher  Yes
Weaver, Jane Teacher  Yes
Cappabianca, Anthony Teacher  Yes
Wantman, Amber Teacher  
Stoetzel, Kristin Reading Specialist