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Ben-Hem's Got Talent is tonight at 7pm at the Wilson Middle School Auditorium!

posted Feb 9, 2018, 7:21 AM by Sonia Chiu
Our brave and talented Bobcats are excited to perform tonight and we know that their friends and family are excited to watch!  Please read the following reminders to help us ensure a fantastic night for performers and spectators alike.  Because we are guests at the Wilson Middle School Auditorium, we need to be extra careful to follow their rules.  
Please stay with your children. - This is not a drop-off event and kids must be supervised at all times.  Please do not let them run around in the hallways outside the auditorium.  We know from experience that they will be tempted!  
FOOD AND DRINK ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE AUDITORIUM. - Wilson rules are very clear on this one.  There will be a few snacks and waters for sale in the lobby (proceeds to benefit Camp Casco) but food must be finished or put away before re-entry.  
Please have your children enjoy the performance from their seats. -  It may be tempting for kids to gather in front of the stage to boogie down, but it makes it difficult for those in their seats to see the stage.  It is also a little intimidating for some of our performers.  
Have a great time! - If you've never been to the talent show before, you will be so impressed with our performers and with the amazing support that our spectators give to their friends on stage.  It's always a proud night for Ben-Hem!