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Morning Drop Off & Afternon Pick Up

posted Mar 3, 2014, 11:26 AM by Kristina Fernandes   [ updated Mar 20, 2018, 5:11 PM by Sonia Chiu ]

The morning drop off is a busy time in the parking lot. Ben-Hem runs a “live drop off”. Parents drive into the drop off loop and students exit the vehicles onto the sidewalk. Maintaining the safety and efficiency of the live process requires a collaborative effort between our families, volunteers and staff. Drop off begins at 8am. (The late bell rings at 8:15am) Please follow these procedures for everyone's safety:
  • Only drop off your child in the drop off circle. Please wait until you reach the circle to drop off your child. 

  • Be sure your children are prepared prior to entering the drop off circle. Is everything they need to exit the car at arm's reach?

  • Stay in the designated drop off lane. Stay in the Drop Off Circle until the traffic moves to the exit.

  • Remain in your spot until the line pulls forward. Don't try to go around cars as they drop off kids. Be patient. The car in front of you will move as soon as their kids are safely unloaded.

  • Remain in your car while in the drop off circle. Staff and parent volunteers will assist the children. If you need more time, parking is available in the lot. Please use the crosswalks.

  • Pull forward as far forward until the end of the sidewalk.

  • Make sure children exit the vehicle on the passenger side. To help with this if you have more than one child, please rearrange your seats to accommodate the child exiting the car.

  • Please slow down when entering and exiting the lot.

  • Only turn right when leaving the parking lot.
Morning drop off is run by parent volunteers. Each classroom is expected to help out with this effort at different times throughout the year. Volunteers are the first morning greeting for students. They help open and close car doors. Plus, they help students with backpacks and redirect them away from the curb for their safety. 


As we are challenged with the amount of snow in the winter, we lose many parking spaces both in the lot and on the streets. However, in order to maintain the safe and efficient dismissal please help to adhere to these guidelines:

  • Park ONLY in the designated spaces in the lot.

  • Do not park alongside the fire lane.  In the event of an emergency this area needs to be cleared. Parking in the fire lane makes it extremely difficult for the safety of the children exiting to their cars.

  • Do not park in the designated handicap spaces unless you have a handicapped parking permit.

  • Additional parking can be found on East Evergreen and surrounding streets. Please be respectful of our surrounding neighbors and do not block driveways or park on lawns.

  • If you are unable to find a place to park prior to dismissal, please circle around the neighborhood and take a spot as cars begin to leave.  Teachers will wait outside for several minutes after dismissal.  In the winter months, they may go back into the school more quickly, but will wait in the front office until you arrive.

  • Your child must be picked up by an approved adult.

  • While waiting for your child, please stand behind the white lines. This will give teachers and students a little "breathing room" to spot parents and guardians at pick up.

  • All dogs must remain behind the yellow line. Please keep your dog close. Some children are afraid of dogs.

For a full, and current, guide to daily procedures at Ben-Hem, please visit the school's handbook at: