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Seed to Harvest Curriculum

Each year, the Seed to Harvest committee offers optional Planting Sessions that Ben-Hem teachers can sign their class up for.  Each session is led by a Seed to Harvest committee member and supported by 2-3 parent volunteers.  Sessions are one hour and include a lesson on one or more garden concepts, hands-on observation or exercises, and planting seeds or seedlings.

The plants and concepts covered by each grade are below.  Click on a grade to view the lesson guide.

 Grade   Plant Type Garden Concept(s) Nutrition Concept Core Concepts
 KindergartenLegumes (Peas, Beans) Parts of a seed and how they grow
 Plant Parts
 Eating a Rainbow Garden Words, Addition
 1st Grade Cabbage Family
 (Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale, Radish, Turnips)
 What plants need to grow  Plant parts that we eat Eat Your Greens Garden Words
 2nd Grade Carrot Family
 (Carrots, Celery, Beets)
 Soil (Types of soil, what plants need)
 Root Study
 Healthier Food Challenge Measurement, Addition
 3rd Grade Flowers 
 (Marrigolds, Sunflowers, Zinnia)
 Pollinators, Butterfly Garden Garden Food Critics Volume
 4th Grade Potato Family Plant Families
Foods used in Cultural Celebrations Volume
 ACCESS Herbs Insects: Cycles and garden bugs (Friend or Foe?)
 Plant History
 Healthier Food Challenge Garden Words