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STH Living Lab


Teachers can click here for information on Living Lab usage and how to schedule time in the space.
The Living Lab was established in 2015 as a result of funding from an NEF Grant and the Ben-Hem PTO.  The Living Lab utilizes the schools existing courtyard in a way that allows teachers to get students outside during the day and gives them space to do planting and experiments.

The Living Lab includes:
  • 8x12 Greenhouse with shelving space all around the parameter for classroom planting/projects
  • (5) 2x4 elevated raised garden beds
  • (2) Rain barrels connected to the greenhouse gutter
  • Outdoor chalkboard
  • 10x20 Shade tent with 3 picnic tables (seating for 30)
  • Plus many other teaching resources...
The Living Lab must be scheduled in order to be used during the school day, or after school.  Teachers and administrators have access to the resource calendar.  If you are a room parent who would like to use the Living Lab for a classroom project, please email to request a date/time

Living Lab Rules
A lot of work has gone into putting the Living Lab together, so we would appreciate it if you would review the following rules with your students before using the space. 
  • Be respectful
  • Do not touch the plants unless instructed by your teacher (other classes may be growing plants or be conducting experiments)
  • Do not climb or hang on the shade structure poles or ropes
  • Do not step on the greenhouse frame
  • No throwing balls (or anything) in the Living Lab
  • Do not write on the picnic tables (or anything else except the chalkboard)
  • Only use chalk provided on the chalkboard
  • If using the picnic tables for a messy project (i.e. paint) please use the plastic covers provided
  • Use inside voices (the Living Lab has windows that open into the 1st and 2nd grade hallways)
  • Students are not allowed in the Living Lab without a teacher or adult
  • Clean up after yourself (please pick up any trash and make sure that the space is ready for the next classroom to enjoy)
  • Have fun!