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Living Lab Teacher Information

Living Lab Uses
As it is the end of the garden season, I don't expect that many of you will start planting right away, but there are are many other uses for the new Living Lab.
  • Outdoor classroom space (get some fresh air and a change of scenery while the weather is still nice)
  • Class parties
  • Messy projects (if you don't want to get dirt all over your classroom)
  • Planting
  • Experiments
  • Teacher Meetings
  • Staff Lunch
Scheduling Use of the Living Lab
I have created a Google Calendar called "Living Lab" and have given each of you access to create events in it.  If you access your NatickPS calendar online (using Google Calendar) you should now see it listed under "Other Calendars"

If you want to use the space, just create a new event in your calendar and invite "Living Lab (room)".  The calendar address will appear in your invites as "".  If the space is available at the time selected, it will automatically be added to the Living Lab calendar.  Email to request access to the Living Lab calendar.

Living Lab Rules
A lot of work has gone into putting the Living Lab together, so we would appreciate it if you would review the following rules with your students before using the space.  We will print and post the rules by the doors to the Living Lab shortly.
  • Be respectful
  • Do not touch the plants unless instructed by your teacher (other classes may be growing plants or be conducting experiments)
  • Do not climb or hang on the shade structure poles or ropes
  • Do not step on the greenhouse frame
  • No throwing balls (or anything) in the Living Lab
  • Do not write on the picnic tables (or anything else except the chalkboard)
  • Only use chalk provided on the chalkboard
  • If using the picnic tables for a messy project (i.e. paint) please use the plastic covers provided
  • Use inside voices (the Living Lab has windows that open into the 1st and 2nd grade hallways)
  • Students are not allowed in the Living Lab without a teacher or adult
  • Clean up after yourself (please pick up any trash and make sure that the space is ready for the next classroom to enjoy)
  • Have fun!
Living Lab Resources (coming soon)
​Not all of the supplies are in place yet, but I wanted to give you a preview of what to expect.
  • Classroom Supply Cart: a lockable supply cart will be left in the Living Lab containing 6 baskets of pencils/crayons/colored pencils and clipboards that can be used for classroom activities.  The key will be left in a cabinet hung outside the main entrance (lobby hallway).  If you use the supplies, please be sure to put them back, lock the cabinet and return the key when done.
  • Chalkboard: there will be an outdoor chalkboard placed between the greenhouse and shade tent.  Chalk will be left in a container below the board.
  • Stools: There will be a stack of stools (30) that can be used on the grass and in front of the chalkboard as seating for your class during a lesson/project.
  • Clock/Thermometer/Rain Gauge: These will be attached to the chalkboard.
  • Other Stuff: We will keep adding to the resources as we go, so let us know if you need something.  Items that we already have planned are magnifying glasses, yard sticks/rulers, a stock of pots for planting, dirt, watering cans, etc.

Living Lab Experiments/Planting
I will send out more information soon, but as we finish the greenhouse, you can request space in it for class plantings/experiments.  Your area will be labeled and you have the option of having volunteers help water your plants, or be completely responsible for this task.  We don't want to ruin any experiments if you are trying to see how plants grow without water :)  You will also have the opportunity to request space in the raised planters out on the grass.

There is no hose in the Living Lab, but we do have 2 rain barrels that can be used as a water source.