The 2017 Garden Season is About to Begin!

posted Apr 8, 2017, 1:46 PM by Kristina Fernandes
Classroom Planting Sessions start Monday, April 10.  We are very excited for the garden season to start!  It has been a long winter and we are ready to get outside and get dirty.

The Seed to Harvest plan for this year is below (click to enlarge):

This year, we will continue the grade level planting that we began last year.  This year the plants and lessons assigned to each grade are:

GradePlant TypeGarden ConceptSecondary Garden ConceptNutrition ConceptCore Concepts
KindergartenFlowersParts of a seed and how they growPlant PartsEating a RainbowGarden Words, Addition
FirstCabage FamilyWhat plants need to growPlant parts that we eatEat Your GreensGarden Words
SecondCarrot FamilySoil (Types of soil, what plants need)Root StudyHealthier Food ChallengeMeasurement, Addition
ThirdMarrow FamilyCompostingGarden MappingGarden Food CriticsVolume
FourthPotato FamilyPlant FamiliesPhotosynthesisFoods used in Cultural CelebrationsVolume
ACCESSHerbsInsects: Cycles and garden bugs (Friend or Foe?)Plant HistoryHealthier Food ChallengeGarden Words
ASAPPea and Bean Family

There are many ways for parent and student volunteers to get involved in the garden this year.  Check out the volunteer opportunities page for a listing of where you can help.