About Us

The PTO is a volunteer organization, funded by parents and guardians at Ben-Hem.


Our goal is to bring together parents, guardians, teachers and administrators of the Bennett-Hemenway Elementary School (in Natick, Massachusetts) in an effort to create a welcoming and enriching community atmosphere that supports our students and the school's educational objectives.

The Bennett-Hemenway PTO accomplishes this by:

1. Funding educational, cultural, and recreational activities for the benefit of students and families of the school.

2. Supporting school and PTO efforts through volunteerism.

3. Funding support services, such as field trip busing for students, and provide additional classroom supplies for teachers.

PTO meetings are generally held every other month. Parents are encouraged to attend. Free babysitting is available onsite for attendees. For exact dates and times, please visit the PTO Calendar.

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