Event to be held: Wednesday, February 26 at 4:00 PM
Super Stop & Shop #0006, 829 Worcester Street, Natick, MA 01760
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STOP & SHOP A+ School Rewards

Principal Challenge Submission

School: Bennett-Hemenway Elementary School

School ID: 06913

Town: Natick – MA

We would like to submit the following idea for the Stop & Shop A+ School Rewards Principal Challenge.

Bennett-Hemenway Elementary School wanted to submit an idea that combined our school spirit with our love for education.  We also wanted to involve our local Stop & Shop (who has supported us in the past) and our Natick community.  What we came up with was a Principal Supermarket Sweep at our local Stop & Shop to benefit the Natick Food Pantry.


The details of the contest are:

TEAM GATTO (Mr. Gatto, Vice Principal) vs. TEAM KELLY (Mr. Kelly, Principal)

After school, on Wednesday, February 26, the contestants, Mr. Gatto and Mr. Kelly, will face-off at our local Stop & Shop (Super Stop & Shop - 829 Worcester Street, Natick, MA) for a Supermarket Sweep.

  • Each contestant will be provided a list of food items that they will need to purchase, a pre-purchased Stop & Shop gift card, and the current Stop & Shop circular.
    • The gift cards will be funded by the PTO through a coin-drive held by the Ben-Hem students prior to the event.
  • The contestants will be given 15 minutes to shop for their items.  They can each select an “assistant” from the Ben-Hem teaching staff to help them with their cart while they shop.
    • Contestants will need to purchase as many of each item on their list as they can without exceeding the amount of their gift card.  This will require that the contestants shop frugally (looking for the best deals) and use their math skills to keep track of how much money they have spent.
    • Contestants will not be able to use a calculator, but will be provided with a pad of paper and pencil to make and notes or calculations while they shop.
  • After the contestants have finished their shopping, they will bring their carts to one of the two reserved checkout lines (run by Stop and Shop employees).  Each team will be responsible for bagging their groceries.
  • The points for each team will be calculated at checkout and the winner will be announced.  Whoever wins will have bragging rights and will receive an award.  The Loser will have to perform an act at the Ben-Hem talent show on Friday, February 28.
  • At the end of the contest, all food purchased will be donated to the Natick Food Pantry managed by the Natick Service Council.
The winner will be determined by:

Points will be awarded for:
  • The first contestant to finish shopping and get to check out
  • The contestant whose purchase totals closest to their gift card amount (without going over)
  • The contestant who is able to purchase the most food items with their gift card (quantity)
Points will be deducted for:
  • Each item missing on the list at checkout
  • Exceeding their gift card amount
We hope to use this event to raise money for our school, and to continue to build school spirit within our community.  We will be inviting families and teachers to come cheer on Team Kelly or Team Gatto. They can make signs and stand in the front of the store during the sweep.

We have spoken with the store manager, Joe, and he has approved the idea as long as the Sweep is held on a week day.  He will open two extra registers for the checkout during the Sweep.

We appreciate your consideration and really hope to be able to hold this event.  It will be fun for all, and a great community building experience.