We really couldn't have completed this ambitious float design without the support of our parents and a few local businesses.  If you have the opportunity to do business with any of these companies, please help us by saying Thank You!

Kate E. Clancy

Natick, MA

Kate is the artist behind the Ben-Hem 4th of July float.  She is a Ben-Hem mom and a professional painter of interiors, decorative painting and murals.  Kate's design for the panels (that will be installed in the Ben-Hem garden) is absolutely beautiful and will add a lot of color and fun to the float, and the school garden.  We can not thank you enough!


Folan Contracting Services, Inc.

11 Michigan Drive, Natick, MA

Folan Contracting Services have generously donated the wood for our wood panels, the labor to assemble them, and a place for our painter to store and work on the six large (8-foot) screens.  We greatly appreciate the support!

Stop & Shop

829 Worcester Street, Natick, MA

Stop & Shop was nice enough to let us borrow 12 milk crates for use on our float.  These crates will be used to secure the trees in place and for additional seating for the kids.  This is a huge help to us as we would have otherwise had to pay for alternate supplies.  Thank You!

Hunnewell Farm

901 Washington Street, Wellesley, MA

Hunnewell Farm was kind enough to loan us 10 bales of hay to use for seating and weight for holding the wood panels in place.  This saved us a lot of money and prevented us from having to figure out what to do with 10 bales of hay once the parade was over.  Thank You!