Gift Fundraising

Gift Fundraising provides parents with the opportunity to purchase great gifts for their family and friends knowing that a percent of their order makes its way back to the Ben-Hem PTO.


Each year, the Ben-Hem Art Teachers work with each student to create a unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  Square 1 Art then offers a catalog of great gifts that parents can order featuring their student's artwork. 

This is a great opportunity to buy gifts for yourself, your students, your family and your friends.  Parents love this fundraiser because it captures a snapshot of their child's creativity each year, and earns up to 38% profit for Ben-Hem.

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For earlier gift-giving, please print a "Your Gift is Coming Soon" Card, below, to give to family and friends.


Cards are slightly smaller than 5x7 envelope.

Pick a design that works for you. Themes: Gifts, Snowflakes, and Woodland.  

Each card has plenty of free space -- add one of the complimentary stickers you received!

Each reads: "Coming soon...a special gift is on the way. Made by the youth we hold so dear.

It's made with extra love and care to celebrate a joyous year!"