Math & Science Night is May 6

Post date: Apr 24, 2016 12:46:59 PM

Math & Science Night is a fun way to encourage students to showcase their knowledge and interest in a wide range of math and science concepts.  All K-4th grade students are invited to join in the fun May 6, 2016!   

Students must register in advance. The registration deadline was April 29, 2016. Check your sign up here:

Before the event, students conduct an experiment or research a topic at home. Then, they create a display board explaining their math or science concept for their peers.  They can also bring in a model or other visual aid to help with their findings.  

During the event, students will set up their “science station,” talk about their project, and answer questions from other participants.  Plus, the entire Ben-Hem community is invited to attend and praise our little scientists!

Before the night is over, each student receives a certificate of participation for a job well done.

In the past, Math & Science Night has featured information about planets in our solar system, experiments of static electricity, an exploration on the layers of the Earth, the relationship of friction and snake speed, magic numbers, and an explanation of the Theory of Relativity, among others.

For more information about Math & Science Night, please follow the sign up link above. For questions, please contact Chairperson Hayley Sonneborn at