Vacation Watering

Over long Vacation weeks, we need help keeping the seedlings watered.  It's really easy but we have detailed everything to make it even easier.

What needs to be watered?

The seedlings & plants in both the Grow Tower and Greenhouse need to be watered.  The seedlings that are in trays need to be under-watered (fill the bottom of the tray with 1/2-inch of water instead of pouring water over the top).  All other plants in the Grow Tower and Greenhouse can be watered from the top.  Use your judgement.  If the soil already looks wet (or if there is still water in the bottom of the tray), you don't have to add more water.  Also, if most of the seedlings are watered (dark soil) but only a few are dry (light soil) feel free to just top water those few.

Where are the Grow Tower and Greenhouse located?

The Grow Tower is at the end of the First Grade hallway tucked in the hallway by the bathrooms and back stairs.  It's hard to miss because the grow lights will be on during the day.  The Greenhouse is in the courtyard on the First Grade side of the school.  You can access it through the doors on either end (one set in the main hallway and the other set near the gymnasium).

Where can I get water?

We filled up buckets of water and left them directly in front of the Greenhouse with a few small watering cans inside.  For the Grow Tower, there is a watering can and milk jug (you can ignore the plant food label).  Use the water fountain around the corner by the bathrooms to fill them up as needed.  They may already have water in them from the last person watering.

Anything else I need to know?

With the exception of holidays (like Patriots Day) the school is open during vacation weeks during normal school hours.  The custodians will typically leave the front doors unlocked so that volunteers can get in.  Before you leave, please be sure that you close the Greenhouse doors so that the warmth does not escape at night.

Thank you for your help!