STH Meeting - February 24, 2016

Post date: Feb 25, 2016 3:8:18 AM

Attendees: Vanessa McGrath, Ann DeKruyff, Kathy Schnair, Krissy Fernandes

Topics of Discussion: This evening we continued the conversation from the previous meeting and also got our newer attendees up to speed.

Everyone was on-board with the grade-level approach.  It was suggested that we run the plan for which plants to assign to each grade by the teachers before we finalize.  This way they have the opportunity to request a different plant if it fits in better with their curriculum.

We talked a little bit about the opportunities for communication in the STH garden.  The bulletin board was installed last season, but not really used.  This year we would like to put information about the garden in it:

We also talked about the bed signage and other opportunities to put information about the plants around the garden.

We signed into the Farmers Almanac garden planer and looked at the garden layout.  We talked about some of the maintenance that will need to be done this year:

We will continue to add to this list as things come up.  We also talked about some of the more immediate things that had to get done:

By having each classroom plant the same thing, we are going to wind up with a lot more plants than we can use.  We talked about having a plant sale to get rid of them in the community and make a little money to pay for some of the needs this year.

On the topic of the grade-level and general curriculum, we discussed the types of things that should be built around each plant:

We also discussed asking Ms. Lanagan if we can have a section in the library dedicated to books about plants and gardening.  We can donate our existing books to the library and have them tagged so that they can be checked out.

So far, based on everyone's schedules, Tuesday during the school day seems to be the best time to meet, so we will start scheduling the remaining committee meetings for the season.

If I forgot anything, we will add it in as someone remembers.