Spirit Shirt Design Contest

Each year the PTO sponsors the sale of spirit wear to foster school spirit between our students, parents, faculty and staff to enhance the overall Ben-Hem experience.  In the 2011-2012 School Year, the PTO introduced the Spirit Shirt as a fundraiser with a design that changes annually. 

Now is Your Chance to Design the 2019-2020 Spirit Shirt!

Ben-Hem students can submit their design ideas for consideration as the next Spirit Shirt.

Contest Rules

1. GET CREATIVE: Have a great idea for a Spirit Shirt?  Draw your design on a 8.5”x11” piece of white paper.  The only requirement is that your design must feature our school mascot Benny the bobcat in some way.  Entries will be judged based on the best design idea, not on drawing ability.2. SUBMIT YOUR DESIGN:  On the back of your design, write your Name (first and last), Grade, and Teacher’s Name.  Then put your design in an envelope marked “PTO – Spirit Shirt Design” and give it to your teacher.  The deadline for design contest submissions  is Friday, October 4th.3. AND THE WINNER IS:  Design ideas will be voted on at the October PTO meeting.  The winner’s idea will be used to create the Spirit Shirt design.  Both the original design and the final Spirit Shirt design will be displayed in the fall catalog and the Ben-Hem lobby. Past Designs

2011-2012 Spirit Shirt - Designed by a Ben-Hem parent

2012-2013 Spirit Shirt - Designed by Allison Harless

2013-2014 Spirit Shirt - Designed by Cheryl Sieger