It's Time to Plant!

Post date: May 08, 2014 3:12:24 AM

The Seed to Harvest Garden has been full of activity.  Last month 15 classes planted seedlings, 15 classes participated in garden crafts to add color and fun to our school garden, and 10 classes adopted a garden bed.  It's really great to see so much participation!

May will be all about planting in the garden.  There are also a number of garden improvement projects that require hardworking volunteers.  We need to dig holes for colorful tire seats and wood stump benches.  We also need to complete the edging and clean-up between the beds to make them easier to maintain in the summer.  There is plenty to do, so if you are interested in getting involved, join us on Tuesday, May 6 at the PTO Meeting (7:00p) or email us at

Adopt the Garden for a Week!

The Seed to Harvest Garden will be in full bloom this summer and we need your help to keep it running.  Volunteers are asked to sign up for garden maintenance in 1 week intervals to help with weeding, dead-heading flowers and harvesting ripened vegetables.  To sign-up, go to: