March 26, 2015 - Seed to Harvest Meeting

Post date: Mar 30, 2015 3:1:9 PM

Attendees: Krissy Fernandes, Rebecca Hall, Cydney Hodder, Linda Aber, Maureen McMahon, Kathy Cappellano

First off, thank you Maureen for the delicious homemade chocolate-chip muffins!

We started the meeting by reviewing the grants won and the budget left for the year.

NEF Grant: $4,000

Wholefoods Grant: $2,000

PTO Budget: $600 (Some of this was used in the fall)

TOTAL 2015 BUDGET: $6,600

The NEF Grant is pretty much spent already.  We are just waiting for the vendors to be created with the town and then the greenhouse and elevated raised garden beds will be ordered.  We just got the notification that the WholeFoods grant funds check has been mailed out.  We will make a list of desired items to add to the garden and then prioritize where we want to spend that money.

The program priorities for 2015 are:

We brainstormed a quick list of the most popular veggies that we want to plant.  We tried to focus on those that are able to be harvested in the spring or fall so that students get the most exposure. A "Garden Planning" spreadsheet has been created on the Seed to Harvest drive to continue refining this list.

Spring Harvest

Lettuces (arugula, romain, iceberg, sulu, mortel, dandelion)

Edible flowers (pansies)


Herbs (scallions, lavender, basil, cilantro, etc)


Fall Harvest





Brussel Sprouts




Sugar Snap Peas

Green Beans


Rainbow Flower Garden





Chinese Vegetables (Bok Choy)

We have decided to subscribe to the Farmers Almanac Garden Planner ($25/year) to make planning easier this year and in years to follow.

Since we have some extra money to spend this year, we also started a list of things it would be nice to have in the Living Lab or community garden (this list is also in the Garden Planning spreadsheet).

Other to do's that we discussed:

A shared Pinterest board has been set up so that we can share ideas for the garden and activities.

Pinterest Board:

There was a lot of conversation, so hopefully this captures the most important parts.  Let's plan on meeting again this week to continue the conversation/planning.  We will have to get the seedling planting schedule to teachers by early next week.  If you are able to make it, lets meet on Thursday again.  This time, let's meet at the school so that we can walk out to the garden.

Seed to Harvest Meeting

Date: Thursday, April 2, 2015

Time: 10:30 - 11:30 am

Location: Ben-Hem Teacher's Work Area

The goal of this next meeting will be to finalize the planting plan, assign owners to different tasks, and determine purchase priorities.