From Ben-Hem to Wilson: Connect the Dots Scavenger Hunt

In this game, students will walk from Ben-Hem to Wilson searching for "Dots".  The dots are 12" wooden circles that had art painted on them by some of the 4th graders.  The Scavenger Hunt Map shows the general direction of where to find each of the dots.

Once a dot has been found, students should scan the QR code on the tag located nearby.  This will bring them to a webpage containing a clue.  The answer to the clue should be written in the appropriate spaces on the Crossword sheet.

After all dots have been found, students should look at the letters in the colored spaces of the Crossword.  The letters for each color should be unscrambled an entered into the appropriate spaces at the bottom.

To get credit for completing the Scavenger Hunt, students should fill out the "I Finished the Hunt" form.  We will display their names at the June 4 virtual Scavenger Hunt, as well as during 4th Grade Fun Day.


Rules of the Scavenger Hunt


Since students will be walking through parking lots, along side roads and across crosswalks, we highly recommend that a parent supervise kids during this activity.

If the worst happens, and a dot or tag goes missing, parents/guardians can fill in any gaps using the "Connect the Dots Scavenger Hunt_Parent Sheets.pdf" document attached below.

All dots are hung in places that can be seen without moving or touching anything.

4th graders can do this scavenger hunt with family, or with friends (with parent approval, of course).  It is expected that everyone will follow current health guidelines throughout this activity.

This activity can only be done outside of normal school hours (after school, on weekends and days off, etc.)

Take lots of pictures (and send them to us at!  Since students only got a virtual "step-up" experience this year, this is a great opportunity for them to spend some time reminiscing about all the fun they had at Ben-Hem AND to walk around their future school and familiarize themselves with the layout.