Flat Benny

Take Flat Benny With You This Summer!

We can't wait to see Flat Benny's adventures!  Will he travel to your favorite hangout in Natick? Or accompany you on a weekend getaway or summer vacation?  

We'll post your photos below. Scroll down to see them!

Send your Flat Benny photos to: theboard@benhempto.org

Flat Benny is similar to the Flat Stanley Project. Our Ben-Hem students were given a copy of Flat Benny during the 2016 Spirit Day. They were encouraged to color/decorate and cut him out to take Flat Benny along with them on their summer adventures.

Families are encouraged to take pictures of him in different locations and send the pictures, along with a description of the fun things that Benny saw/did, to the PTO Board. It's a great way for your student to practice writing complete sentences and practice typing skills. 

The PTO will post Benny's adventures, here, on our website and on Facebook so that our Bobcats can see what Flat Benny has been up to.

** If you need another Flat Benny, please print him out from the file at the bottom of this page. **

Thanks for sharing your summer with Flat Benny!