Order an Engraved Brick for the Ben-Hem Playground

--  Brick Sales have ended for the Spring 2014 opportunity  --

This is a limited time opportunity!  All orders must be placed by April 18, 2014.

Last year the Bennett-Hemenway Elementary School built a great new playground to ensure our students and community would have a safe, fun and engaging play experience. This spring we are putting the finishing touches on the playground with the installation of landscaping, and a new brick walkway. This new walkway will include engraved bricks purchased by our Ben-Hem families, just as the existing walkways have. We would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase an engraved brick for your student and/or family. Imagine your child’s face when he/she searches the walkway and finds his/her brick! Following are the choices available:  4" x 8" brick with two lines of text

 4" x 8" brick with three lines of text

 8" x 8" brick with up to five lines of text




On all of the brick orders, there is a 15 character per line maximum. (Spaces are punctuation count toward character limit.) All orders and payments will be processed online using Paypal. If you would like to purchase a brick, please complete one of the forms below and submit payment by April 18. To purchase multiple bricks, please complete a new order form for each brick. Any brick proceeds will be combined with a PTO donation and used for new trees and/or equipment for the playground. Questions? Email BenHemPlayground@gmail.com