Literacy Challenge

Post date: Sep 24, 2016 12:56:42 PM

The PTO has partnered with the Ben-Hem Literacy Team to create a fun reading BINGO challenge. 

Students can win the challenge by completing five of the reading tasks in a row either up, down, diagonally or across. If students complete ALL of the squares and “blackout the board” — we’ll add his/her name to the READING WALL OF FAME near the library for everyone to see! (See sample below.)

Each verified BINGO WIN will receive a special Bobcat Reading Pin before the end of the year. Parents/guardians must verify the student's win online, at, by November 1, 2016.

The goal is to get each child reading. Whether reading is something students do on their own or a tandem activity with you, will depend on your child’s reading level. Nonetheless, each reading style counts toward the goal!

The PTO hopes to offer this program every year featuring a different Bobcat friend. If your child starts in Kindergarten, they have the potential to “collect them all” before heading off to middle school.

We hope this challenge motivates your child to read more!

For more information visit the BINGO webpage at For questions, email