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International Night

Ben-Hem’s annual International Night is an opportunity for students to become an expert on a particular country and to “visit” the countries shared by their fellow Bobcats. Students pick a country that they don’t know much about or share the culture and traditions of a country that has to do with their family’s heritage. They research that country and then create a display of their discoveries in the Ben-Hem cafetorium. They may use visual displays, props, pictures, maps, flags, or foreign currency to share their knowledge.  They may come dressed in clothing that represents their country.  They should be ready to talk about their country to visitors that view their display. 

>> To register a student for this year's International Night, please visit the Sign-Up Page <<

Ben-Hem's Got Talent Show

Can you sing?  Can you dance?  Are you a talented musician? Can you juggle?  Do you have a special talent you'd like to showcase?   Or, would you like to support your fellow classmates and cheer them on in the audience?  If you said yes to any of these questions,  please join us for our annual Ben-Hem’s Got Talent Show. Our Bobcats have amazing talents! 

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Biography Night

Biography Night is special because our children identify and research an individual that they admire or is important to them. Each child will “become that person” for the evening. It is a wonderful opportunity for our children to discover what/who is important to them, what qualities they admire in someone and have some fun too! The kids will be the experts! 

>> To register a student for this year's Biography Night please visit the Sign Up Page. <<

Math & Science Night

The Ben-Hem Science & Math Night is a fun way for students to showcase their knowledge and interest in math and science.  Student may create a display board that explains a math concept, a scientific topic, or the results of an experiment.  Students may also bring in a model or other visual aid to demonstrate their math or science concept.  During the event, students will talk about their project and answer questions from other participants.  They will also be given the opportunity to view their classmates’ displays and ask questions of their own.  All participants will receive a Certificate of Achievement for their efforts.For more information, visit here:

Book SwapStart the summer reading with a new-to-you book at the Ben-Hem Book Swap.To participate, students bring in a gently-used, elementary-appropriate book during the donation drive in early June. At the end of the year, we hope to collect 700 books so that every student can have a new read this summer. We hope to host this event every few years.