STH Meeting - February 23, 2016

Post date: Feb 24, 2016 1:44:1 AM

With snow in the forecast for today, it is hard to believe that the garden season is about to begin.  A few Seed to Harvest volunteers got together today to kick it off with a little planning.

Attendees: Krissy Fernandes, Cydney Hodder, Debbie Knapik

Topics of Discussion:

2016 Goals: Since the last two years focused a lot on larger projects, such as the greenhouse, the goal for this year is to maintain the existing gardens and work to further the Seed to Harvest activities.  We will develop grade-level activities, crafts, and curriculum centered around one plant per grade.  The plan is to have each grade plant something in the Spring that would mature and be ready to be picked in the fall when they move up to the next grade.  There will also be several general topics (lettuce, radishes, worms, mushrooms, etc) that any grade can take advantage of.

Resources Needed: In order to achieve this goal, we will need volunteers in the following areas:

Plant Plan: we discussed the types of plants that would work well at the grade level and for general purpose.

* Cydney has volunteered to take ownership of the Fungi.

The planting and harvest dates will be entered soon.

The next meeting will take place Wednesday, February 24 @ 7pm at Krissy's house.  Future meetings will be planned out over the next week for the remainder of the season.