Tuesday's 6PM PTO Meeting will focus on nutrition and exercise

Post date: Feb 01, 2016 2:36:44 PM

Please note that our meeting on Tuesday, February 2nd will be at 6:00PM. There is a program that same evening at Wilson Middle School called "Elementary School Parent Workshops:  Hot Topics" co-sponsored by the Natick Public Schools and Spark Kindness at 6:30.  We hope that our time change enables you to attend both events if you choose to do so.  

Because we are holding a meeting right at dinner time, sandwiches will be served.  As always, babysitting is provided.  

And don't forget to wear your sneakers!  After a quick business update, next Tuesday's PTO meeting will focus on health and fitness for our children.  Nutritionist Nicolette Blanco will speak on "Fueling Children for Success" and our own Anthony Cappabianca will share some ideas on keeping our kids active.  Prepare to move around!  We'll get to enjoy a little of the fun and fitness that our kids experience in gym class each week.