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The Seed to Harvest school garden project helps children become healthy adults who eat their fruit and vegetables, know the basics of growing food, and contribute to a thriving community.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Seed to Harvest garden program is unable to be continue in the classroom as planned.  The virus cannot stop Spring from coming, however, so we are moving our lessons online to ensure that students can still experience it.  Our STH volunteers will be planting seeds at home and in the garden so that our community can still enjoy the beauty and bounty it generates as social distancing ends (hopefully in the not too distant future).


Ben-Hem Seed to Harvest Page

Get up to date information on upcoming online lessons, weekly student challenges, garden updates and more.

Ben-Hem Seed to Harvest Channel

Watch recordings of grade-level garden lessons, garden planting, grow-kit instructions and more.

Live Garden Lesson on Zoom

Kids can participate in live garden lessons with their Ben-Hem classmates and other Natick elementary school students.

Seed to Harvest Activities Drive

View and download garden worksheets and activities designed to enhance the grade-level lesson content.

Seed to Harvest Grow Kits (FREE)

Grade-level Grow Kits are available (while they last) for pick-up so that students can follow along with Seed to Harvest Garden Lesson and plant their own flowers and veggies.  Here you can register and learn more about the kits.

Founded in 2012 by Bennett-Hemenway parents (Kathy Cappellano and Maureen McMahon), the Seed to Harvest garden is an outdoor classroom for our students.  It boasts 10 raised planter beds that grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers all season long.

The garden is maintained through the efforts of students, parents and Natick community members.  Everyone is invited to get involved.

For more information about the garden, please contact us at:

2019-2020 Seed to Harvest Board

Co-Chair: Krissy Fernandes

Co-Chair: OPEN

Learn more about our program!  The links below contain loads of details about the grade-level lessons, the layout of our garden, and more.  Also, check us out on social media!  We post updates and pictures on a regular basis throughout the growing season.

Week 6 Challenge: Plant Needs Diorama!

In this week’s lesson, we learned about the things that plants need to grow healthy and strong. Students can make their own diorama or craft showing how plants get what they need. They can even use their imagination and draw their own high-tech machine/robot that will help plants grow (and give Miss Krissy and other gardeners a well deserved break). Just email a picture of their creations to by Tuesday, May 19 at noon to be entered in a raffle to win a $10 Amazon gift card.  The winner will be selected during the 1pm live lesson on 4/19. Be sure to include your students name and grade with their submission.

Congratulations to Alexandra Cardin (K) - winner of the butterfly picture raffle, and Annabelle Springer (3rd) - winner of the Butter-Flyer raffle!