Math & Science Night

Discoveries abound at Math & Science Night!   

Thursday, March 7, 2019


Ben-Hem Cafetorium


What is Math & Science Night?

This event is a fun way to encourage scientific thinking and allow students to showcase their knowledge and interest in a wide range of math and science concepts.  

Students may create a display board that explains a math concept, a scientific topic, or the results of an experiment.  

Students may also bring in a model or other visual aid to demonstrate their math or science concept.  

During the event, students will talk about their project and answer questions from other participants.

The entire Ben-Hem community is invited to attend and view the projects.

Who can create a math/science project?

Any student in K-4th grade. You may have up to 2 students per project.  Each presenter will receive a certificate of participation.

What are the rules for each project?

• Adults can help gather materials, supervise any experiments, and help to build the display.

• Experiments cannot be performed during the Math & Science Night.  However, brief demonstrations

are permitted as long as they meet all of the remaining criteria of the event.

• Models, demonstrations, and other visual aids are permitted; however, they must fit with your display

board on one-half of a cafeteria table.

• No nuts of any kind can be used in your display.

• Please indicate on the form if you require an electrical plug. We will do our best to place you near

one; however, please bring any extension cords needed.

• Any and all visual aids, models and/or demonstrations must not involve liquid substances (though at-

home experiments may).

• No glass permitted.

• No living animals are permitted.

• No flammable substances are permitted.

In addition, it's important that each student practices safe experiment techniques at home. Parent supervision is encouraged.

Where can I go if my student needs help picking a project?

There are many great resources online.  Click here for a few suggestions:

When is Math & Science Night?

Participants will arrive at 6:30 pm on March 7th to set up displays.  Ben-Hem families are invited from 7 to 8 pm to soak in all the discoveries made. 

How do I sign up?

Please use the Registration Form below to sign your child up for this fun event. Registration is online only. The deadline to register is February 28th.


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